I help business owners monetize brands with elevated visuals and strategic communication.

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Creating a pathway for new female-owned businesses to define their brands, College of Style was born in 2021. Founder, Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici envisioned this company in 2017. The vision was put on hold, but in 2021, the business began with the Insider Membership, and a flourishing Facebook Group. 

It was through the events, workshops, challenges, and summit that were held inside of the Facebook Group, and one-on-one client work that catapulted College of Style's products and services forward to help more small business owners craft strategic messaging and uplevel the visual online presence for brands. 

College of Style



Serving brands looking to make

Strategic & refined Design

Brand messaging: Strategy, brand audit, brand voice, brand identity, brand storytelling

branding design: logo design, typography curation, color palette, brand guidelines

digital marketing: social media branding, social ad design, social copy, content seo, calendar curation, social strategy, content creation & curation, social engagement strategy, & social media insight contextualized, brand media kit

website copy, executive biography, social copy, hashtag research & curation

graphic design: social media branding templates, infographic design, magazine, BOOK LAYOUT, website audit for continuity & ease of use (no coding)


focused on crafting your world, elevating existence, and exploring



focused on outcomes, curriculum design,
and authenticity


focused on straight-forward, thoughtful, purpose-driven communication


The 5 Style Pillars of College of Style

focused on personal development, intuitive, character-driven leadership


focused on ease, self-expression, bringing your inner beauty outward


meet the owner

Well, hey there friend!

I'm an entrepreneur, educator, and author. I help driven entrepreneurs like you discover & develop their unique passion and build personal and business brands. After 30 years in the entertainment industry, appearing in TV shows, films, commercials, and on tour, I pivoted and obtained my Doctor of Education from USC. Now, I create visual branding to stop the scroll on social media and strategic messaging to let your voice shine through to attract your ideal clientele.

The College of Style Community is world-class. Built on the foundation of my philosophy on success, "If you can get in the room, and you know your why, your product, your brand, and your pitch, the closing will feel like the easy part." I help individuals just like you to refine your message, define your personal brand, and navigate relationship-building so that getting in the room isn't so hard.

I'm Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici

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adventures in babysitting

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Ecommerce marketing

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"evacuate the dancefloor"

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that's all she wrote

I believe... You can be your best self, when you invest in yourself. You need to believe in yourself and go after what you want.

College of Style

I believe... That you can change your reality. You can create the life you want.

College of Style

I believe.... that your brand is constantly evolving. You craft your own narrative.

College of Style

i believe

The branding design suite created for a strategic marketing and communications professional was crafted to incorporate elements of editorial and market specific imagery for clientele that primarily consists of female African-American business owners. 

Business Design Suite for New Business Launch

The brand social suite was crafted for not one but two brands under one organizational entity. For the script doctor the imagery consisted feminine floral elements, while the second brand vibe presented a stark contrast with a deep red, black and white aesthetic for premiers, film production, and script writing workshops.

Brand Social Suite Hollywood Script Writer/Producer

Let's work on your business to attract your ideal clients with upleveled visual branding and aligned messaging that stops the scroll and advances your business goals. I look forward to hearing from you!

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