Top Winter Sweaters For Women


Top Winter Sweaters For Women

Top Winter Sweaters for Women to slay every occasion. From cardigans to pullovers, the best sweaters are the ones that makes you feel like you can be your authentic self.

Fabric can change how you act, and sweater design features can be endearing, fun, problematic, and unrelenting.

Watch “Sweater Weather Slay”

Watch the “Sweater Weather Slay” episode and find the links to the products mentioned in the episode below to “add to cart” right away.

Shop The Sweater Styles

Below you’ll find several different sweater styles to bring your wardrobe into 2023 in a style you can make all your own. (Affiliate links below).

There are many types of sweaters, including cardigans, turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks, tunics, pullovers, v-necks, boyfriend sweaters, and more. Rock your winter sweater weather looks with a few of the selections below. Featured first are products featured in the episode, followed by sweater styles that I think you’ll love all year round.

Cardigan Sweaters

A cardigan is one of the best sweaters when you find yourself in a pinch and need a nice sweater to throw over an easy breezy top. Cardigans are a top winter sweater for women, making great travel sweaters and office essentials. They’re great for chilly office spaces in place of a bulky coat.

Turtleneck Sweaters

Add a turtleneck to your list of must-have sweaters for colder climates. A turtleneck sweater can give you added warmth in an oversized or slim design. Remember that it is not mandatory to fold your turtleneck down. Three ways to wear a turtleneck include straight up, folded over, or folded inside.

Mock Turtleneck Sweaters

Many women’s sweaters can be tricky to pair with a jacket depending on your sweater’s thickness and design attributes. A mock turtleneck sweater is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Before shopping for a winter coat, take inventory of your most loved sweaters. Shop with informed purchasing decisions.

Tunic Sweaters

A tunic sweater can allow for a wealth of options when choosing accessories. Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? It’s a tunic.

Tunics measure from your shoulders to your waist or knee and are considered a long top or a short dress. Make sure to look at the length measurements before purchasing, as the varying lengths may be deceiving on e-commerce websites.

Pullover Sweaters

A pullover sweater is a verified staple for your winter closet. Pullovers are a top winter sweater for women due to their consistency in design across many brands.

Crewneck Sweaters

Crewneck sweaters can be worn as a stand alone garment or over a crisp collared shirt. Find your muse and don’t forget to scrunch the sleeves, or add a funky brooch to give it a signature edge.

V-neck Sweaters

Will you select a mini or deep V-neck sweater to keep you stylish and warm this Winter? Plunging necklines often give off an air of drama as well as room for accessories to shine. V-neck sweaters are top winter sweater favorites as many style can be reminiscent of Varsity Sweaters and nostalgic references.

Boyfriend Sweaters

Boyfriend sweaters are loose and fun. The boyfriend sweater had to be on this list of top winter sweaters for women. The boyfriend sweater style is a hit because of its slouch factor. How do you wear it? You can pair it with a subtle bralette or cami underneath.

Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment below. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE to follow my style and social strategy content.

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