Top Winter Coats for Women


Winter Coats That Will Bring You Warmth and Joy

Top Winter Coats for Women to bring you style and joy during a cold holiday season. Check out the top coats that scream warm, wintery cheer in the episode below and snag your winter coat by clicking the links below. **All links featured are affiliate links and I may make a commission if you purchase any product via these links.**

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Video Transcript

Video Intro: [SANDRA] Hi, my name is Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici, and you’re personally invited to join me for my top five winter coat cheer, where we’re going to be talking about winter coats that not only hit the style mark but also bring function to fashion. So bring your cocoa and your eagle eye to spy these fresh fashion finds with me, right here, on Pinterest TV. I’ll see you soon.

Live-stream Transcript – This transcript has been edited for clarity

[SANDRA] Hi, my name is Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici, and I’m super excited to have you guys on my Pinterest TV this evening. Welcome to Tuesday, and let me tell you something, today, we are going to be talking about winter coats. I labeled this episode “Winter Coat Cheer” because tomorrow is the first day of Winter.

I want to know, can you hear me in the chat? Let me know if you can hear me. If you can see me and say something so I know that you’re here. Awesome. Okay. I just want to make sure that we are getting the most out of this episode, and that means sharing is caring.

So if you are someone who would love to know more about winter coats and are excited about what I am going to be talking about tonight, definitely gimme a thumbs up in your comment.

Oh, thank you. I love that! Stitch2013. I talked about my lipstick because I switched it up for you tonight. So if you haven’t been in a few of my prior, uh, Pinterest TV episodes, I actually was wearing Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics, and this one is actually by Nars. This is Dragon Girl.

In a few more episodes, we’re going to be talking about ranking red lipsticks, so definitely schedule me into your calendar to come back to Pinterest TV.

Not next week because we’re going to do Makeup Muse, which is a little bit different. We’re not going to do reds but come back for that on the 27th at 6:00 pm PT. And then the next one is on the 29th. So we will be talking about making an editorial calendar and ranking red. So if you’re a red lipstick girl like me, tune in for the 29th episode at 6 pm PT.

[SHOUT OUTS] Okay, so let me just shout out a few people who have just joined. Um, let’s see, stitch2013. Olivia, Jennifer. I, I feel like I’m missing a few. ZGibson, PJ, thank you so much for tuning in.

[SANDRA] So I have already put up a few different things…


[SANDRA] …that I wanted to talk about tonight. So, Let’s talk about winter coats. Like I said, winter is starting. The first day of winter is tomorrow. How many people are excited about winter?

Some people are super into cold weather, dressing in layers [and] throwing on those scarves. I actually put on one of my favorite winter jackets. I thrifted this literally from the Goodwill over in Santa Monica, CA, about, I would say, about 12 years ago. This is like a three-quarter-length sleeve. It’s a short peacoat that I thrifted a long, long time ago.

[SHOUT OUTS] Hey Terry. Hey Olivia. Hey Xie. Thank you so much for joining me. If you haven’t already, share this episode out because we want definitely spread the love.

If you’re looking for a gift for yourself, if you’re looking for a gift for your friends, or your family, and if you think winter coats are like one of those warm and fuzzy things that you can give.

Share this episode [on] your other social media [profiles] or even to people that you message here on Pinterest. I feel like that’s one of the unused things that we have here on Pinterest is messaging other Pinners.

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Shout out to everybody who has joined me. ZGibson says, “do you have, how do I say, like any dresses that have.”

But I don’t have any like super cute dresses for you guys. Tonight I’m only going to be talking about winter coats. So if you are looking for a winter coat that is going to be either like weather-related or really design-related, then this is the episode for you.

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Thank you so much, Stephanie and Gemma, for joining, and Lauren Myers.

We’re just going to talk about the few I’ve already featured at the top. It’s by Rain Sisters. Waterproof long hooded trench.

RainSisters – Waterproof Long Hooded Trench Coat in Cornflower BlueLINK

Now, the reason that I want, and you could probably see these on the, on your right-hand side, my left-hand side, is because when you think about raincoats, sometimes it’s just kind of like, just throw a bag over your head and just like run. Right?

But if you can get one that’s got some style in it, [I have] two on here.

One is kind of this like blue and like off-white color. The reason that I have that on here is because some people don’t like to get their jackets dirty. Sometimes, you know, the rain is just going to pick up what it picks up on its way down. Right? The red one reminds me of red writing put, right? So, I absolutely love that one.

RainSisters – Red Waterproof Hooded Swing Coat in Red Sun – LINK

[FROM THE COMMENTS] Crop, sleeveless, puffer. Any ideas?

Okay, I have a puffer in here, so definitely, if you have to go during the episode, I totally understand, but come back for the replay. That’s always my suggestion because it should notify you if you’ve watched the episode that the replays are ready. That’s one thing I love about Pinterest TV.

[SHOUT OUTS] Hey Blake. Hey, Aviana. Hopefully, I’m saying your names right. Thank you so much for joining me.

The next one that I wanted to showcase is this one. It’s by City Chic. And it’s a plus size coat because I want to make sure that we all think about the inclusivity factor here… making sure that fashion is functional, number one, and also fits right.

Because I personally… I am on my own weight loss journey, and I have definitely seen some things out there that I’m like, can I get it in my size? I wanted to put on some coats in here that were specifically for plus size. And there’s also a lot of these coats [that] are made with a range of sizes. So I’m here for you.

Okay. Especially since these could be gifted to people, you know, in your family, in your friend circle, that may or may not, everybody is not a clone, right? Everybody is not looking the same. We all have different body types, and I want to make sure that everybody is invited to a seat at this table.

[REGARDING THE COMMENTS] Marilyn: “I love that coat. You look great.”
[SANDRA] Oh, thank you.

One thing that I want to stress is this one; the City Chic Women’s plus size coat. This is kind of like a very classic look. If you look at this, it’s kind of like that tan, brown color. And it’s giving very Londoner first for some reason. It’s a caramel coat from Target.

Okay. So when you think about different coats and things that you’re looking for, like size ranges, but also price ranges. This one is at Target. I think it’s like $109. [It’s] somewhere in that range, which is if you’re thinking about a winter coat that you want to have that’s going to last, it’s going to be in the warmer side instead of just like a functional throw on. You know? That’s going to like sleek out the rain.

Think about price and quality at the same time.

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Hey Isabella. Hey, is it Denise? Oh, thank you so much for joining me, you guys. I’m trying to read them all and like, you know, if you see me in the other episodes, I’m like this with my glasses because I need those sometimes, especially late at night.

[SANDRA] All right, so the next one that I wanted to talk about, because it reminds me of kind of like, like the designer’s designed coat, right? And somebody, I’m forgetting your name right now, but you talked about a puffer. Some of these coats are expensive, but some of them are inexpensive or at least on the lower side.

adidas by Stella McCartney – Mid Length Padded Winter Jacket in Nude – LINK

Okay. So, we talked about puffers. So this is adidas by Stella McCartney. This one is kind of like that shiny, street style when you see this one. Wwhen you think about puffer jackets… I put two in here. This one is adidas by Stella McCartney.

Khaite – The Mott Puffer Coat in Liquid Black – LINK

Let me pull it up so I can give you more details. This one they call a puffer and if you looked at Khaite, on their runway show, I was like blown away this past fashion cycle. This one is in black liquid nylon and what I love about this one by Khaite is when you see that rain coming down on this coat on the black with the shine, you just are like, I don’t know. To me, it looks like a glowy coat.

Like once that rain hits this like puffer, that’s really shiny. That’s like a moment. I don’t know. I, I’m always looking for the moments in your in your fashion.

And to me, this look, this to me is the moment, it’s meeting the moment.

[FROM THE COMMENTS] Friendly. Okay. Thank you, Matt. She said I’m kind of broke, but I like it. All right. Everybody is kind of experiencing some of that right now.

[SANDRA] I know there’s, there’s a lot of moments where I look at something and I’m like, Hmm, can that wait, can that wait? Right? So, If you are not in the market for a coat in that specific price point. I have a few others on here.

Like I said, that adidas one by Stella McCartney is, $450. The one that, the Khaite one is a little bit higher and closer to $2000. Brinley is laughing at me. All right. If you have a chance and you’re joining late or a little bit past six o’clock, thank you so much for joining me.

My name is Sandra. You can certainly drop your information as far as what you do for your business into the chat, because once the episode closes, then people can see you in the chat and I’m always trying to lift people up. But once the episode’s over, then the chat closes. So just be reminded of that.

We are going on to one that I think is more of a classic because a lot of people know this particular designer, Burberry. It is a wool reversible check coat. Now, if you look at that, um, I think it’s very classic because of the whole iconic, you know, Burberry, uh, fabric, right? The logo intensive thing that they’ve got. But this one is reversible.

Burberry Wool Revisible Check Coat – LINK

So if you’re thinking about design, I love the fact that there’s a reversible option so that you’re not always wearing it with [an announcement] like, “Hey, I’ve got a Burberry coat on,” but maybe I’ve got, you know, a black coat with a little Burberry accent. Right?

When you think about that, that makes me feel like old money meets new money a little bit. Kind of like, I don’t need to show all of that. I love winter coats.

[FROM THE COMMENTS] Kimberly Lynn or Kimberly Lynn, thank you so much for joining me. I love winter coats too because I live in LA and we don’t have a huge winter storm that comes, knock on wood right now that I said it. We have a rainstorm that happens every year.

[I] live in California. If you were just noticing we had a six-point-something earthquake in Northern California, but we don’t get like hail and, you know, snowstorms, unless you’re over in Big Bear in Northern California (ranges in Lake Tahoe).

Los Angeles is kind of lucky that way that we don’t have a lot of seasonal freak out moments where we’re like, I’ve got to bundle up like we’re in Chicago or New York, or something like that. So anytime I feel like I can see a winter coat moment, I’m throwing it on, drop in the comments where you guys are joining me from.

We are live from my living room in Los Angeles, CA. Tell me where you’re joining me from in the comments, so I know if you’re experiencing the winter wonderland of snow or sleet or hail or ice. Tell me what your weather is like in your city right now.

All right, so this Burberry one is a little above the Khaite price point, but I love the fact that you can reverse it and that it’s wool.

[FROM THE COMMENTS] Oh, Kimberlin says Wisconsin. Brinley is in Oregon.

Brinley, I went to school in Oregon, so I always have to represent my ducks. Put up my “O” – So if you’re an Oregon State person, I’m sorry, but yeah, I love Oregon and it is always raining in Oregon.

My husband is from France. He said it’s rainier in Paris than it is in Oregon. So at least that’s what he tells me.

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Sophia, love this. Thank you so much, Sagar. Michael, thank you for joining me. Kara, Carrie, Kelly, say that 15 times fast. Bless you, for joining me. So let’s get into a few other codes.

I also want to plug this because my business is called College of Style. I do want to put up here on the screen that I do have my specific tote. It’s a College of Style Tote. If you’re looking for a tote, check it out. It’s right there, and it’s featured. It’s black and white, and I absolutely love it. I shove everything in it, and just go on the go. And if you love it too, definitely check it out, click through and purchase it as a gift for yourself.

Libertine – Robert Burns A Winter Night Script-Print Trench Coat – LINK

This is another one that I absolutely love. If you haven’t seen this kind of print on a winter coat, I suggest you click through to this one. It’s called Libertine, Robert Burns. I love this one.

It’s at Bergdorf Goodman. I actually just followed them on TikTok today. I didn’t even know that Bergdorfs had a TikTok, so just an FYI.

This one is cool because it’s a, it says Robert Burns A Winter Night Script Print Trench Coat. Okay. So trench is very, very known, right? The print on the trench is very interesting because it’s kind of like a conversation piece for your jacket, right?

Normally I have for this particular coat, I have it like this where it’s like hanging off the side a little bit. So that it’s up with the collar up here, and then I’ve got this like asymmetrical look here. I wanted to put it up… so yeah, I can put up this particular one right here so that I can show the big buttons, whatever. Right? But then I was like, let me have a little fun over here. Okay.

When you think about a print, a script print on your trench, people are going to be noticing you. Right?

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Suzanne, thank you so much for joining me. Jenna, Kate, Nora, thank you so much for joining. Definitely share this out and save this to your pins because then if you missed anything before this, you can come back and watch the replay.

This print is really fun because it makes it not just a regular trench, right? I got [my coat] at a thrift store at a Goodwill about 12 years ago, um, in Santa Monica, CA.

I think it’s a brand called Kiss Me. This is me undressing. Okay, so just know I’ve got something on under. I’m getting naked here. We have a safe space here. All right, so this one I think is from Kiss Me. I will take it off, and I will let you know exactly where it’s from. So it’s called Last Kiss and I actually found it… it was in a section that was kind of like, you know, must go whatever. But the reason that I really liked it is because it was not supposed to be for me; this is an XXL

But when I have it on, I’m like this; this must, I don’t even know, maybe I was in the juniors section at the time. I have no idea. But I absolutely love it. So for me, this works. But I got it in the thrift store and now you’ve got The Full Monty, right? All right.

So the next one that I wanted to highlight is one’s kind of like the standard, I would say. It’s another one from Burberry, but I think it’s standard because it actually is, what do you call it? Kind of like the, the goose down, kind of what you see on like Columbia or R.E.I., one of those.

But this is a detachable hood puffer coat, and I know that we are talking about, do we have any puffers in the mix tonight? Yes.

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Thank you so much for the compliment, Kimberly. I really appreciate it. Tanya, thank you for, for joining me, Ginger, Chira. Hopefully, I said that right. Chira and Lisa, thank you so much for joining me.

Burberry Detachable Hood Puffer Coat – LINK

This one from Burberry has a detachable hood. When you think about the function that you need when you’re going out and about in the winter season, having a detachable hood is really important.

Especially like me, like I live in Los Angeles, maybe I want to wear this coat out because I’m really cold, but I don’t. Maybe I don’t need the hood, right? So having that kind of function and fashion at the same time is really fun. This one you can find on Harrods or you can just click through to all the links that you should see featured on the side.

[FROM THE COMMENTS] It’s kind of weird to have a print on a coat.

[SANDRA] I know, I know. It’s kind of weird, but I love it. I absolutely love it because it’s like I said, it’s a conversation piece. And then it also gave me the idea of like, you could do that, right? Like, if you are super inclined to be like, do you know, do it yourself or have some sort of project, like you could do that, right?

If you had quotes from like your favorite artist or just yourself, you could take like your trench that you got at a thrift store and just do script if you know calligraphy. Or if you wanted to have a screen printer do it. Like it gave me ideas, right? That you could do in the future if you just wanted to quote yourself or quote like some famous people.

Or even take, you know, your favorite singers lyrics to a song and put them on a coat. I just think that’s fascinating. You could go so many places if you didn’t want to buy that. It’s definitely like an inspirational piece.

So we had Wisconsin and Oregon. Where else are you guys joining us from?

[REGARDING THE COMMENTS] Thank you so much about the earrings. These were actually an anniversary present from my husband. We are going to be celebrating our what, ninth anniversary next year. Oh my gosh next year, next May.

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Marney, Marlene Sells. Thank you so much for joining us. Bailey and Lauren,, Lindsay.

[SANDRA] Yes. Nine years is a lot, but it’s so much fun. All right, let’s get back to coats.

How many people in the comments do you have your go-to winter jacket, or are you looking to buy a winter coat for yourself this season? Because sometimes people have like the one, right? Some people have the one, and then sometimes you just kind of have like the one, for now, that just kind of is there and never really fits the purpose, but it’s kind of like, eh, I’ll just throw this on. Right?

Do you have the one? Drop it into the comments?

This one is one that I’ve actually had my eye on for a while. This is New York and Company. I haven’t been a New York and Company fan for very long because I always thought it was a little corporate, but to me I was like, you know what, they’re on the come up over here.

New York and Company Plaid Button-Front Trench Coat – LINK

Okay, the red and black plaid. As you can see, I like the plaid, but to me I was like, hmm, this could be like my next [purchase], because it is plaid button front, it’s a trench coat. It has the little pockets in the front. To me, it gives you a little bit of the seasonal vibes at the same time as being great for the winter.

So it’s kind of like, if you watch the first episode of what I did on Pinterest TV, I talked about movie-style moments. This to me is very much a movie-style coat that you would see in like a holiday romance, like a rom-com for the holidays.

This would be like that one coat that they’re like running, and they slip in the mud, and then they find them like, you know, all of that, that this is that coat for me. Or if you are thinking about Valentine’s, right?

People love to bring in the reds and the roses for Valentine’s [season]. If you’re thinking like Winter could need a coat that springs me into some sort of romance season. This could be it too!

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Hey, is it Juga And Annette and, Lindsay loves plot, gamer Girl. Tell me what games you like in the in the comments. I love it when people have a username that is related to what they love.

Some of the last coats that we’re going to talk about in the last final ten minutes of this episode. Number one, thank you so much for joining me. If you’re just now joining, definitely watch the replay. It should notify you if it doesn’t. Send me a message, and I’ll send you the link because it always notifies me for the replay.

Canada Goose – Hybridge Light Quilted Shell Down Jacket in Black – LINK

This one is by Canada Goose. Now I just subscribed to their weekly newsletter. And I’m always like, when I open it, I’m like, hmm, do I really need like 17 coats? Because like everything that they put out. I’m just like, hmm. But this one… this one’s about $1,295. Like I said, these are good investments if you’re thinking about a winter coat.

Canada Goose Trillium Hooded Shell Down Parka – LINK

But this specific one, it’s white, and I love this one because it’s white and it gives you, it’s called the Trillium Hooded Shell Down Parka. So if you need warmth, you are getting a parka, right? You’re getting that like super ready to go for like any kind of anything. I am going to be warm kind of a season.

Now this one. It says it’s ideal for winters and snowy escapes. So if you’re thinking about that printed trench, that’s good for the rain, right? It’s not necessarily good if you’re like snow impacted, right? So think about your environment when you’re picking your winter coat, but also that you may need more than one, right?

You may need one for snow versus one for city, versus one for just, you know, the rainy season, right? So think about your environmental situations as you’re picking your coats and thinking about how many you really need. If it’s one that you can do layers on, that could work to be like your one coat.

For the winter where you’re like, ‘Hey, I’ve got it for the snow, and then I can like peel off the layers or take out the inserts or think things like that.’ I absolutely love this one because it’s like the starkest of whites and then it’s got the black accent inside.

[REGARDING THE COMMENTS] Somebody said, what are we doing? We’re talking about winter coats and some of the fashion finds that I have found for you because winter starts tomorrow.

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Jeremiah, shell, Dave, Lynn, thank you so much for joining me. I am just putting some featured coats here on this side of the screen so that you can see it and click through to find your winter coat.

Obviously not all of these are going to work for every single one of you, but I do think if you are looking as a gift for someone, this might be a great gift. Or if you are gifting yourself the gift of warmth and style and function, a lot of these have all three of those all together.

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Elena, Jolene, thank you so much for your compliment. I really, really appreciate it. Oh, thank you so much Lindsay. I really appreciate you joining me for this thirty minutes of like rapid fire, winter coat cheer.

I think I have a few more. Yes, I have this Giorgio Armani. Okay. Now, I don’t typically go for the higher end of a lot of different products. I try to cap it. This one I was like, I have to put this in here, it’s nearing the $6,000 mark, but I was like, this. This is really pretty.

Giorgio Armani Neve Reversible Long Coat with Kiddassia Effect – LINK

If you are thinking about investing for the winter cook season, this one is really great. It’s on the higher side [price point]. So I throw this in there because like I said at the beginning, there is a range.

There’s one that’s like $150, and then this one that’s like on the $6,000.

[REGARDING THE COMMENTS] Elena. Oh my gosh. You said I should do a tutorial on the makeup. Let me tell you, I’m doing an episode next Tuesday at 6 pm PT and I’m going to do one, it’s called New Year’s Eve Makeup Muse.

So tune in to that one. I’m going to be talking about your muse for New Year’s Eve makeup. Then the following week, I’m doing one called, “Make an Editorial Calendar and Rank Reds.” And that’s where we’re going to actually go step by step and talk about making an editorial calendar for you and your business.

But also I’m going to be talking about red lipstick because I absolutely love it. I just got in a few different reds today. I haven’t opened them. I’m going to unbox them with you live on Pinterest TV because I can’t wait and I’m just like, ugh, right? One is from Clarins, one is from Clinique. One is Christian Dior. One is Charlotte Tilbury. Obviously I have MAC Cosmetics’ Ruby Woo. I have a few others. And we’re going to be talking about red lipstick on that episode too.

The lipstick shade that I have on right now, I think Chloe actually asked is not Ruby Woo, it is Dragon Girl by Nars. So if you’re looking for that, it’s actually the pencil, like it’s a crayon. To me it’s not really that much of a red-red, it’s kind of like a red with a little tinge of like a pink in there. That’s kind of like you know, seething through.

But I do a red lip liner from MAC Cosmetics. It’s called Cherry. It’s the liner that’s on there right now. We’ll definitely talk about all of the reds that I have, because I have a lot on the episode on the 29th of December. So definitely tune into that.

Agnes Orinda Women’s Plus Size Long Coat Button Front – LINK

The last one on this list is Agnes. Orrin, excuse me, Agnes Orinda. And it’s another plus size long coat. I really love it because it is pink. Now a lot of times you want to wear darker clothes or whatever to cover up your clothes and, and save the inner clothes, right? But I love a different colored coat on the outside because it’s giving, ‘look at me. I’ve got my own style going on. I’m not going to be like everybody else. This is me.’ Right?

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Cindy, Jasmine, Minno. Thank you so much for joining me. If you missed any of this episode, definitely stick around. Make sure you get the replay link. It should notify you. If not, send me a DM and I’ll send you the link.

This one is at Target though. It’s only $73.49 right now, which regularly, it’s like closer to one hundred dollars. So if you’re looking for something that’s like, Hey, I’m going to go pink during winter instead of black or brown. Go pink, because then you can bring your pink winter coat into the spring, right?

Because that’s when a lot of times we go into the pastels and all of that. So definitely think about your style choices as far as your winter weather environments, price points, how you want to invest in your winter coats, and style points. Like where do you want to take your style into the new year, into 2023, and whether or not this is going to be for you or as a present for somebody else.

Sometimes the best thing, because I know a lot of times people are like, ‘ah, but this is like really close to Christmas, I’m not gonna get it in time.’ But here’s the best thing is when you miss something like Christmas and you can’t get something, a gift for someone because maybe it’s stuck in the mail.

But when they get it, they’re just as happy even though it might be one or two or three days late. Just know that happiness delayed is still a little bit of joy.

[REGARDING THE COMMENTS] Somebody asks, do you know if they only have sizes in the pink one? Okay, so I am seeing that right now they only have 4X, but let me just tell you, I’ve seen that, you know, they did have 2X and 3X, but I do know that Target replenish and refill of a lot of their stuff.

I would just keep checking because a lot of times, what I’m looking at is for my location, and you might go on a and it might be location sensitive based on where you’re logging in from and they might have it at your local store. So just check based on your location.

[REGARDING THE COMMENTS] What is in the background? So I actually put up. Wrapping paper and it says, happy, peace, Merry Christmas. it’s all just repetitive words that are all Christmas-related or holiday-related.

And then I put up a bow with some ribbon. I just made my wall like a big present. Exactly, Lindsay, it’s just a big present because I had a different background and I wanted to make all the December Pinterest TV episodes that I did all about the holidays and gifting. So this is all about fashion and style and bringing in some gifts that you might like for yourself and for other people.

And thank you, Brooklyn. I’m going to keep doing things like this because I felt super crafty when I did it. Piecing it on with tape and then tacking up, uh, with some nails to get it to stay because this is actually right by a heater. And so the first version of this actually fell down because the heat got to the tape and the tape was like, so, yeah.

[SANDRA SHOUT OUTS] Emily, Emily, Lana, thank you for joining me. Debbie, thank you for joining Gary. I absolutely love you guys for joining me on this episode. If you miss any of it and you’re coming in just now, definitely stick around and make sure you get the notification for the replay. If you don’t get it in your, um, your notifications, send me a DM at College of Style somewhere up here.

You should be able to follow me right here on Pinterest and pencil me in on your calendar for next Tuesday at 6 pm. I believe it’s the 27th, and then the following date, the 29th, right here on Pinterest TV.

If you liked this post, make sure to click HERE to find Sweaters for Women that you’ll love!

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